Cockfighting- The cockfighting business is now starting to be loved by the community, for those who can see the great potential of this cockfighting business. Most of the businessmen dare to spend large capital for the very tantalizing and profitable results of cockfighting.

This fighting chicken business is now one of the most popular businesses because the income opportunities that it gets are very promising. The game of cockfighting itself has been around since ancient times, where in this game, two chickens are used as the core of the game.

Black Horse Business (Cockfightin)


The online cockfighting business is also often referred to as the dark horse business, the meaning of the dark horse itself is the winner of the game that players cannot guess. This game relies on the strength of the selected chicken and full luck to win. If the chicken chosen is a type of tough fighting chicken, the chance of winning is very big for the owner of the chicken. In this game, the Bangkok chicken is a favorite type of chicken that has a large number of fans. This is because this type of chicken has the dexterity in fighting that has been famous for a long time until now. The stronger the type of chicken selected for Betarung, the higher the price of the chicken.


Rp. 1,250,000.00. For some people who see the potential and big business opportunities in their fighting cocks, they don’t hesitate to buy hundreds of chickens to sell them back to cockfighting dealers or cockfighting agents to be used as fighting chickens in the games they provide. Not infrequently, there are also players who immediately buy their own chickens to be trained to become strong fighting chickens.

The characteristics of a strong fighting chicken can be seen from the outside, in general, a strong chicken will have an ideal body shape, starting from the height, weight, thickness of the feathers and a loud enough voice as a sign that the chicken is strong and can be used as a fighting chicken in a fight. cockfighting.
Apart from body shape, in terms of faces, fighting chickens generally have faces that are quite grim and very sensitive to the presence of new chickens. There are two types of fighting cocks including the following:

  • Heavy Fighting Chicken

In this breed, the fighting cocks will look frightening and aggressive with the presence of new chickens around them. This type of chicken also has a sturdy body shape when standing. In addition, this type of chicken also has an ideal height. Has the shape of the head to the tail of the chicken to form an angle between 60 base areas. The neck of the chicken is slightly curved and turns straight when the chicken is standing upright.

  • Lightweight Fighting Chicken

This type of fighting cock has a face that is not too grim, tends to be a little calm when meeting other fighting cocks. Body weight and height tend to be almost the same as ordinary chickens in general.

Bangkok Type Fighting Chickens

This type of chicken that already has quite a worldwide fanbase is always increasing in popularity every year. This chicken is known as a type of chicken that is very strong with two legs that are quite hard and have a very very facial expression with the ideal weight and height.


The Bangkok chicken business is one of the business of buying and selling fighting chickens that is always loved by fans of online cockfighting. Whether it’s a cockfighting agent, a cockfighting dealer or an ordinary cockfighting player.

Bangkok Chicken has long and solid legs and thighs. With a heel that is slightly rectangular in shape, it also tends to have a few scales on its feet. Many reliable business people make this type of chicken one of their types of business that has a promising income.

Bangkok Chicken Prices for Cockfighting

How could I not, the price of one Bangkok chicken match that is 1 month old alone reaches 250,000,000 to 500,000,000 for one bird, and for Bangkok chickens that are ready to launch or play, it reaches Rp. 1,250,000.00 per chicken. Is a very promising price for business people, right? Of course you can estimate the benefits you will get in this business right?

Now that’s a glimpse of information about the business in online cockfighting that not many business people know, never be afraid to lose in this business, because this business only has a 1% chance of losing and a 99% chance of a definite profit. Visit our other pages for more information about cockfighting.