7 Ways To Win In Online Cockfighting

Online Cockfighting is one of the games that is currently being loved by everyone in almost all parts of the world. This game is one of the easiest betting games (gambling) to play. The game is played quite short, the players don’t have to wait for hours for the results. Just 10 minutes, the results will be obtained immediately. The game, which lasts 10 minutes, is now busy with cockfighting fans.

This incredibly fun game has been around since time immemorial. Previous people used to play this game using two chickens as the core of a fight that was placed in an arena for cockfighting that had been provided. However, with the development of the times, this cockfighting game can now be done via mobile phone or PC. Therefore you probably won’t find so many live cockfighting arenas like before. With the presence of online cockfighting facilities players do not need to be afraid or worried about the risks of police operations.


7 Ways To Win In Online Cockfighting

In the following we will provide some important tips for winning cockfighting fights, which not many people know.

1. Determine a good game strategy like playing a game in a casino. Why is it like that? Because the game of cockfighting is the same as a casino, it requires a playing strategy that is good enough to win the game.

2. Choose a good and promising fighting chicken. This is one important trick to winning the fight.

3. Ensure the physical condition of the fighting chickens is good and capable. The size of the neck length and weight of the chicken greatly affects the shrewdness of the chicken when fighting later.

4. Don’t focus too much on the game of cockfighting that has big payoff. Why is that? Because your chances of winning the fight are slim.

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5. Choose Wala and Maron bet types, this is because these types of games are easy and not that difficult. Therefore the chances of you winning the battle are very large.

6. Make sure your internet condition is good, this is in order to minimize the possibility of you losing the battle. If your internet is good, the chances of you winning will be even greater.

7. Pay attention to the history menu listed in the game. In the menu you can see a flashback of the fight between two chickens.

8. Pay attention to the shape of the legs on the fighting cock that you want to choose. The stronger the chicken legs you choose, the better your chances of winning in the fight.

9. Also pay attention to the feathers possessed by fighting chickens. Fighting chickens with feather buds are one of the characteristics of chickens that have strong enough strength. Usually in the minute the cockfighting camera highlights the cock, he will highlight the feathers too. When that happens you can carefully select the type of chicken that has good and strong feathers.

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